Security at Blockgraph

Groundbreaking technology purpose-built with robust data security and an uncompromising commitment to privacy.

Security and privacy are core tenets of our technology design and development. Our platform applies a zero trust architecture to protect your data.

Security & Privacy

Our comprehensive controls and built-in functionality enable you to securely run your business and meet your evolving compliance needs.

Consent Controls

Facilitates granular consent capabilities tailored to your privacy commitments.

Data Protection

Utilizes robust data access controls for safe and protected functionality.

Governance Risk & Compliance

Incorporates comprehensive compliance and risk management processes throughout our organization.

Secure Software Development

Balances application security best practices with continual innovation.

Infrastructure Security

Applies state-of-the-art security architecture and operational controls.

Comprehensive Data Protection

Blockgraph’s secure-by-design and privacy-focused approach offers you complete control and ownership of your data.

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