Data Matching In Minutes,
Not Weeks 

Blockgraph Data Matching Solutions allows permission-based sharing and matching in minutes not weeks

Collaborate with inventory and demand partners to understand overlapping audiences and size potential audience reach across distribution partners and endpoints.

Blockgraph’s matching solutions are built for speed, security, and control. Our platform allows permission-based sharing and matching of custom audience lists between partners (brand to publisher, data provider to publisher, publisher to distributor, etc…) in minutes, not weeks.

How it Works

Step 1: Connect
Once each participant’s data have been associated with Blockgraph’s IDs and permissions have been set, match requests to size a custom audience can be initiated by any partner with appropriate permissions.

Step 2: Communicate
Target segment’s list of Blockgraph IDs are further encrypted and communicated over a mutually secure private connection directly between the match requester and approver.

Step 3: BG Verify
Blockgraph’s permission layer verifies that appropriate matching permissions have been set, and if so, allows the transaction to be completed.

Step 4: Match
The match approver (most typically the publisher or distributor) is able to decrypt matching users in memory, where the software calculates the overlap count, and automatically publishes the resulting aggregated match count response to the requester’s node.

Once approved, the distributor has the ability to activate by loading pseudonymized matching Blockgraph IDs or their own proprietary IDs into their planning systems, ad servers, or measurement platforms.

Blockgraph’s Data Matching Solutions are built for speed, security, and control in 5 steps

Size, Build, and Target...

custom audiences with your partners in real time


time to share, match and execute
a 10 million ID custom audience segment

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