Cross-Platform Measurement

Blockgraph Crosss-Platform Measurement

Deterministically connect delivery data across platforms to a single household ID that allows measurement of cross-platform reach, frequency, and attribution to measure the value of your media.

Our software and unique peer-to-peer matching technology can enable measurement companies or publishers with appropriate permissions to receive a single household ID from identity resolution or distribution partners. All of this executed through Blockgraph’s secure peer-to-peer network.

Enabling Deterministic Measurement
Securely Cross Platform

Blockgraph Cross-Platform Measurement helps distributor & media seller measure reach & frequency, attributing business outcomes & conversions

The Challenge

A major distributor and media seller wanted to deterministically measure reach and frequency across TV, addressable, and premium digital video at the household level, while attributing business outcomes and conversions. And it needed to accomplish this in a way in which no Data insights were provided to its brand advertiser in a way that was aligned with its policy of providing data at the aggregated and anonymized level. 

There are a number of challenges that make this difficult:


Each measurement environment has unique audience identity signals to resolve impressions and outcomes: set-top-box viewing data is lined to STB or household IDs, digital delivery data is affiliated with IP addresses or mobile device IDs, and outcomes are associated with a mix of offline or online identifiers.


Measurement companies must obtain permissions for receiving data from distribution partners - each of whom has their own data policies and strategies. Often when data insights are provided to brands or agencies, they must be provided at the aggregated and anonymized level, which have their own data policies and strategies.


Current approaches for reconciling digital to linear data require probabilistic approaches.

Blockgraph’s platform enabled the measurement company to resolve digital and linear data that it was receiving a single Blockgraph ID.

The Solution


Once permissions were set in Blockgraph, the measurement company was able to authenticate linear impressions, digital impressions and outcome data deterministically to a single pseudonymized Blockgraph “de-ID” via direct matching with leading distributors or trusted identity providers.


The measurement company’s platform was further able to aggregate and anonymize results before surfacing reach, frequency and outcome insights to publisher and its brand advertiser clients.

The End Result

By connecting its data to Blockgraph’s identity infrastructure, the Measurement Platform was able to offer its advertiser clients with a fast, trusted, and privacy focused way to accurately and cost-efficiently measure reach, frequency, and outcomes across the convergent TV and digital environments in order to improve performance and identify optimizations. At the same time, the Measurement Platform is also able to provide media sellers with insights that proved their media can be optimized to reach the right audiences and drive tangible business outcomes. A true win-win-win proposition.

“The only way for advertisers to effectively and efficiently buy on a cross-platform basis is with world-class measurement and identity resolution. TVSquared and Blockgraph have the capabilities needed to solve for this in a way that meets the privacy, security and data concerns of the new world.”

Jo Kinsella


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